Contribution from freelance writer: Why there is an increase in employees working from home in the United States - by Jenny Hart - based in the USA

Over the last few years, there has been a substantial rise in flexible working hours and the number of employees working from home. This is a hotly debated topic as to if the pros of this outweigh the cons for organisations. As employees are becoming increasingly mindful of having a healthy work-life balance whilst still being dedicated to their careers, it is therefore important that companies are willing to offer the work flexibility and adapt to this modern outlook on working hours. In fact a survey conducted by Vodafone found that 75% of organisations are now offering flexible working as part of the job. With this becoming the norm, what are the actual benefits of allowing employees to have this flexibility?

The most obvious pro of this kind of policy is the increased flexibility it gives to individuals. With the majority of working professionals finding it difficult to find that elusive work-life balance, they are now able to have more of a personal life given there are now more hours in the day when you take out the morning and evening commute as well as any preparation time that is required at home before a day in the office. As well as this obvious benefit of working from home, there are a lot more that are discussed in this article and establish why there is an increase for flexibility in working hours in the United States.