Work Wise UK Consulting Solutions helps employers from all sectors, e.g. Public, Private, Small Medium Enterprise and the Third Sector, realise the tangible benefits of smarter working.

Organisations face continued pressure to control costs and focus on reducing activities that add little value.

We provide practical advice and frameworks for reducing costs and streamlining activities.

We identify how changes to working practices can save money and deliver greater staff satisfaction.

We focus on the business benefits, impact on employers and employees, transport, congestion and work life balance.

We employ proven Change Management techniques to develop workplace plans and create effective communication and real impact with staff.

Work Wise UK offers a bespoke consultancy service as well as a full range of Training & Development Workshops covering Strategy, Leadership and Management to help organisations deliver change. 

Our consultancy solutions focus on:-

  • Productivity Improvement

  • Employee Engagement

  • Organisational challenges and impact on efficiency

  • Work routines and how smarter working is deployed

  • How the working arrangements are reviewed and developed

  • The impact smarter working will have on performance and efficiency

  • How success is valued and performance is measured

  • Developing a Workplace Plan with the support of the Work Wise UK Team provides a structured review of strategy and support. We show that investment in modern, efficient working practices will reduce running costs and enable the workforce to work more flexibly and efficiently.

  • A key challenge is achieving the necessary behavioral changes among the workforce. We provide a bespoke route map for dealing with the change management and performance management issues.

It’s about how you do the work, not what work you do – it’s about new ways of working to ensure more effective delivery of business goals and gaining productivity improvement. For further information contact us.