The aim of Work Wise Week and National Work from Home Day is to promote modern “smarter” working practices such as agile, flexible, remote and mobile working, as well as working from home. This year we invite Employers, Employees and the Self Employed to use their social media channels to say what they are doing to encourage smarter working referencing #workwiseweek and #nwfhd

During the week, we will publish a series of guest blogs from some of our strategic partners as well as the heads of organisations who have already experienced the benefits of smarter working.

Implementing a Smarter Working Policy can lead to significant gains in productivity as well as increased work/life balance which is a win/win for Employers and Employees.

Stronger economic growth has clearly boosted the number of people in work, but it has not yet boosted productivity and raising productivity is the real key to long term prosperity in our very competitive world. The question we all have to address is, “How to reach the goal of full employment and create greater productivity and prosperity”.

Increasing labour productivity is not a question of working harder or longer hours, it’s a question of Working Smarter or more productively and that means making the best possible use of People, Process, Premises and Technology. Fully understanding the critical relationships in balancing and investing in these key resources is essential to creating greater business efficiency and generating greater value from working time.

Increasing Productivity means improving performance in all areas. Investing in Development and Training to create an innovative, flexible, highly skilled workforce. Reviewing all key work activities and processes cutting out unnecessary and wasteful steps in the value chain. Reviewing premises needs, improving or reducing to accommodate a flexible mobile workforce and providing the right technology and importantly the training to use it. This will deliver results needed, make us more competitive and push the UK up the productivity league.

We invite all organisations, of any size and from all sectors to participate in Work Wise Week, share their experiences with others and play their part in helping to create a more productive, smarter working, UK.

Work Wise Week and National Work from Home Day can be followed on Twitter: @workwiseuk #workwiseweek and #nwfhd