Welcome to Work Wise Week 2016 from Phil Flaxton - Chief Executive of Work Wise UK

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Work Wise Week 2016.

I would like to start by thanking all of the organisations who will be working with us during the week to raise the awareness of new, smarter ways of working.

Now in its 11th year, the aim of Work Wise Week, which includes National Work from Home day, is to promote modern “smarter” working practices such as agile, flexible, remote and mobile working, as well as working from home. 

As a Not for Profit campaign and development organisation we work to help make the UK one of the most progressive economies in the world by introducing smarter working practices which, can enable significant gains to an organisations productivity as well as increasing skills, knowledge and work/life balance of its employees. Clearly, a win/win for both parties.

Improving work place productivity brings real benefit to business, employees and the country as a whole. We strive to create the sort of environment where people work well as a team and new ideas can flourish. Work place productivity initiatives and improvements boost the bottom line and benefit everyone. Many organisations who have adopted the Work Wise UK way are already experiencing this.

An increasingly complex world means that employers and employees have to use their resources more effectively. Employers seek higher productivity, whilst employees seek to build skills, knowledge and create a better work life balance. 

Work Wise UK provides consultancy services and support to implement smarter ways of working. We bring together experience and best practice from the Public, Private and Third Sectors and collaboratively link with government agencies, professional bodies and trade unions to support and implement the broader use of Smarter Working as a modern day approach to working life.

It is increasing clear that productivity is a key issue for UK Business and Work Wise UK focus attention on the key drivers of productivity when advising on workplace implementation plans. 

Improving workplace productivity can produce enormous gains for any organisation and over time improve the bottom line. Creating the right culture for individuals and teams to flourish helps organisations recruit and retain skilled staff and most importantly GROW. 

Work Wise Week and National Work from Home Day are excellent opportunities for organisations to showcase what they are doing to improve business efficiency through smarter working. 

So, as Work Wise Week 2016 gets under way I invite all organisations, large and small and from all sectors, to participate, share their experiences with others and play their part in helping to create a more productive, smarter working UK.

This week I invite Employers, Employees and the Self Employed to use their social media channels to say what they are doing to encourage smarter working referencing #workwiseweek and #nationalworkfromhomeday