Paperless Office - Ten Top Apps to help you ditch paper - by Lora Milhova - Strategy Manager at Telefonica

On June 1st, O2 business took on the challenge to embrace digital solutions completely and leave paper in the past. As a paperless office, we embraced a combination of apps. Here are our top 10 picks.

1.       OneNote – BEST FOR FEATURES

OneNote comes with Microsoft Office and, unsurprisingly, integrates perfectly with PowerPoint, Outlook and Lync. Use the programme to organise notes, clippings and even voice recordings neatly in folders.

2.       Evernote – BEST FOR CONVENIENCE

With 7 years experience in refining their app, Evernote comes in a beautifully simple format. It is available across platforms, letting you take notes from any device andshare with others easily. A series of add-ons can offer even more functionality.


If you like working up ideas with your team, you will enjoy Boxnote. This Box feature brings the experience of brainstorming with a flipchart to a doing it on a screen and remotely! Create a Boxnote and invite collaborators to see them develop ideas together in real time.

4.       Penultimate – BEST FOR HANDWRITING

An example of those handy Evernote Add-ons, Penultimate lets you scribble away on tablets the way you would on paper. The best part – you can search handwritten notes the way you would a word document. Still want that paper notebook?

5.       Scannable – BEST FOR SCANNING

If you have already quit printing and want to digitalise any last paper documents you have around, download Scannable and sync up with Evernote to transfer your records to the app. Easy!

6.       Lync – BEST FOR MEETINGS

There was a time where presentations were printed out for each participant in the meeting but no more! Use Lync to host online meetings and share your screen with the audience so that they can see your presentation on their own laptops… or even give them control of your computer for real collaboration.

7.       Yammer – BEST FOR SHARING TIPS

Changing work habits isn’t easy. Keep your people engaged and committed via Yammer. We found it a great platform to share tips or answer frequently asked questions. It’s an easy way to form an online community around moving to paperless and keep everyone up to date.


If you have doubts that every process can be paperless, think again. A lot of the programmes you use every day have functionalities to replace paper: PowerPoint let’s you hand write on slides and Adobe let’s you digitally sign documents. If you need to place your signature on the go, try SignEasy for iOS or DocuSign for Android. After all, paperless also means free and flexible.

9.       iAnnotate – BEST FOR MARKING UP

Many of us are used to reviewing documents by writing all over them. iAnnotate offers the same experience using a smartphone or tablet – simply upload PDF files and choose between the variety of tools available. Remember you can also annotate slides directly in PowerPoint.

10.   Stylus – MUST HAVE

Although the stylus doesn’t quite fall into the app category, we found it was an essential tool to bring the comfort of using a pen to our paperless office. There are endless options available online, whether you prefer lightweight or luxurious, thin ballpoint or larger tip for highlighting.

These are just some of the apps we discovered on our digital journey, but the choice is endless. If you find that any of the above is not yet available for your phone type, just google the “[app name] for [your phone type or operating system]” and you will find great alternatives or sister apps.

Good luck!

Lora Milhova - Strategy Manager - Telefonica