Commute Smart Week launches our annual, winter campaign to raise the awareness of implementing smarter ways of commuting during the winter months.

When British Summer Time ends and the clocks have gone back, Commute Smart Week, reminds us that we have a real opportunity to change our attitudes and thinking in relation to work activities.

Are employers going to see business interrupted by poor weather and disrupted travel? Or are they going to grasp the opportunity of changing the way employees work, think about the risks to their organisation and introduce more flexibility to cut out disruptive and costly influences on business performance and productivity?

More and more organisations from all sectors are reviewing their working practices and thinking hard about how they manage people. Managing by outputs is the key, forget about presenteeism and concentrate on creating a workforce that is flexible, responsive and delivers the business plan. This won’t be done by 9.00 am to 5.00 pm clock watching, but by giving people the freedom to achieve. The next storm is always around the corner whether it be weather, or whether it be a crisis of our own making, which can be avoided.

Commute Smart week provides a real opportunity to revise tired working practices, think about how and where people work and set about adopting flexible approaches to people management as a key component of effective change.