Guest blog: How many of us enjoy our commute? - By Ali Clabburn: CEO of

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Meet Rob. Rob enjoys his commute. Which is a surprise - as its long. Very long. He commutes from Manchester to London. By Car!

Rob Scott is one of a huge number of people who now car-share to work and never get bored. The secret? Well for him perhaps it was his Biscuit Club?!

“We come up with little games to keep ourselves amused,” he admits. “For a while, one of us would bring biscuits into the car a couple of times a week, and we’d taste them and give our opinions. It was like a biscuit club. We must have tried about 45 different packets over a couple of months. It was a blissful period, but ultimately detrimental to our waistlines.”

If you’ve always assumed that car-sharing is only for one-off trips, these guys will hopefully make you think again. Rob joined when he started commuting between Manchester and London – he immediately found two others going his way, and that group has grown and developed ever since. “Money was definitely the motivation at the start, but this has to be the nicest way I’ve ever saved,” he says. “And because we talk about what’s gone on at work, I don’t need to de-stress when I get home to my partner and little boy; I can just get straight into enjoying my time off with them.”

Rob and his sharers also have Christmas parties in the car. “Somebody will bring crackers, another will have brought ginger beer, we’ll have mince pies and a CD of Christmas music!” In fact, over the years they have all become such good friends that when one of them got married they were all guests at the wedding.

A commuter who car-shares with just one other person typically saves about £1,000 a year.

Over 80% of journeys entered on the Liftshare network now find a match. So if you know of anyone who does not enjoy their journey to work then Commute Smart Week is the perfect time to give lift-sharing a try. 

Happy Travelling!

Ali Clabburn

CEO & Possibilist

PS. Just last week I was at a dinner sitting next to a chap called Nick. Nick had not set up a biscuit club but it randomly turned out he had set up CLAWS – the ‘Cambridge Liftshare After Work Society’ – when the 5 of them who shared the trip to their work at the RSPB took it in turns each month to be the nominated driver allowing the other CLAWS to have a drink. Nick has recently moved job to Huntington – so if you know of anyone travelling that way he’d love to hear from them.